Fuel cells

Electrical energy when formed by the conversion of energy from fuel is known as electrochemical cell or in other words, fuel cell. An oxidizing agent and fuel agent when combined together generates electricity with their reaction. The electrolyte remains present in the cell while the reactants and its products flow outwards. To make the operation of fuel cells continuous and smooth, the flow of o

Ferrari Four Photos & Video

Checkout the newest kid on the block, the Ferrari Four. 12 Cylinders, 4 Seats and 4 wheels drive! It will replace the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Recall on Twin Turbocharged BMWs

BMW announces two recalls due to faulty fuel pumps. The recall covers a range of years, models and up to 170,000 vehicles.

Bentley Recall of 596 Cars Is More Than Symbolic

In one of those stories that just seems too bizarre to be true there is a recall on 596 Bentley's due to a rust problem on their hood ornaments. The renown car company states the problem could injure a pedestrian in an accident.

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