White House Backs Electric-Car Aid

Considering the extreme Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster the Obama administration has responded by agreeing to a proposal that will require up to $6 billion more spending on electric vehicle subsidies.

Flying Car Cleared for Takeoff

Terrafugia's Flying Car, 'The Transition' has been granted by the FAA extra takeoff weight to accommodate road safety features.

Better Place | Charging electric vehicles (EVs)

Better Place is providing solutions to the problems of converting our antiquated fossil fuel infrastructure to an electric friendly one. See the automated battery swap video that can help in converting hundreds of thousands of fuel driven taxi's and cars to electric. The change can be done faster than filling up a standard tank!

General Motors new EN-V futuristic car

Sharpening the Focus of Future Urban Mobility - GM's 2010 EN-V Concept vehicles.

Super Car - AirForce.com

Check out what happens when the US Air Force and Galpin Auto Sports team up to create two super cars, a Dodge Challenger - "Vapor" and a Ford Mustang - 'X-1', using Air Force technology.

Road Test: 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport

Read about the awesome all electric Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport road test.