AC Repair Miami

At AC Repair Miami, we pride ourselves in being a locally owned and operated HVAC company with more than 15 years of extensive experience in offering air conditioning repair services. We have built a network of satisfied clients all through Miami and Dade County. Our brand is synonymous with quality and reliability.

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Buying a Muscle Car

A muscle car fan or not, buying a classic car is a special moment because you are choosing to buy a part of history! A number of factors have to be taken note of before buying a classic muscle car. Here are a few useful guidelines.

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ZGC Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. started our business in 1998 and built upon mechanical transmission parts to now a group company in China focusing on mechanical transmission parts, electric motor and LED power supply designing and manufacturing.Ninety percent of our products are exported to European and American market,we have been cooperating with famous European companies,so you can rest

Regular Car Service

This story looks at the importance of regular car service and explains how oil sludge prevents normal flow of oil throughout the engine in the same way that choleserol clogs the arteries of a human body. Oil sludge has become increasingly common in vehicles manufactured since 1997 and if not treated can severely reduce the lifespan of an engine.