Hummer H3 Brakes

Needed to get brakes done last week. Dealer tried to charge me $500.00. offered the parts for $150.00. I installed the parts and saved a total of $350.00

Twin Supercharged Challenger

Check out what a custom fit twin Harrop supercharger system can do to a 440 Hemi Dodge Challenger SRT8... with a side of nitrous.

New Technology: The Blade Supercharger

Keep your eyes peeled for this new supercharger from Lontra, Ford and Ricardo. The Blade Supercharger is expected to out perform current supercharger systems by up to 20%!

Vortech 20th Anniversary Superchargers

The very limited edition (100 units) 20th anniversary supercharger kits for the Mustang GT by Vortech.

Thomas Edison's 1912 Electric Car Gets A Chance To Shine

You thought the latest electric and hybrid cars were cutting edge? Thomas Edison's 1912 electric car shows us just how slowly we've been able to advance.

The Turbocharged 2010 V6 Camaro

See what happens when Hurst takes a nice little 2010 V6 Camaro and turns it into a monster with a turbocharger.

Bentley Recall of 596 Cars Is More Than Symbolic

In one of those stories that just seems too bizarre to be true there is a recall on 596 Bentley's due to a rust problem on their hood ornaments. The renown car company states the problem could injure a pedestrian in an accident.

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