Why install a nitrous oxide kit?

Reasons for installing nitrous oxide over other major performance upgrades for your car, truck or motorcycle.

Weiand Supercharger Kits and Performance Parts Overview

An introduction and brief history of Weiand Automotive, their performance parts and supercharger kits.

Neuspeed supercharger and performance parts history.

A brief introduction and history of Neuspeed, their performance parts and superchargers.

How did the BMW logo actually come about?

Is the BMW logo really an aircraft propeller or is there another story behind the legendary brand?

Road Test: 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport

Read about the awesome all electric Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport road test.

Drift Runners

Drift Runners lets you forget about the technical aspects of how to drift and just do it! Drift Runners is a fun racing game with some interesting goals on each track. Goals may include finishing within a certain time, drifting a set amount, destroying objects, stay on the road, don't hit anything, no air and more. Between races you can upgrade your car into an awesome drift machine. The view

The Flatmobile - The worlds lowest car

This ain't just any low car, its the Flatmobile! Batman's ride must have been hit by some shrink ray! See what it takes to have the world's lowest street legal car. As if being the lowest car and Batman's ride wasn't cool enough, they had to go the extra mile to make it jet powered.

American Chopper is Back: Senior vs. Junior

Asphalt and Rubber talks about the new season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior coming to TLC on August 12, 2010.