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SpeedFed is an online social community and bookmarking tool for people to share and discover high quality content from the automotive industry and its related partners. Submissions to SpeedFed come from you - our community but submissions are strictly moderated by both the administrators and our community. Our community has the power to bring forward the best content and filter out that which would waste our time.

We are dedicated to quality and providing an excellent way for you to network, find and promote the best content related to your favorite aspect of the automotive industry be it the vehicles such as cars, bikes, offroad vehicles or other aspects such as the aftermarket and parts industry, automotive design, motorsports or new technology.

If you have an automotive site, story or information or just know of a great resource then SpeedFed is the ideal way for you to promote it and enrich our community. We look forward to you becoming an important contributer to our great automotive community.

Note: SpeedFed is a still in its infancy so we expect some big changes over the coming months. Please be prepared for a system that can change in looks and functionality. Also, be advised, currently links are nofollow but we are working on a system to allow for dofollow based on site and submitter reputation.